"I had no clue how much this program would change my life when I auditioned. You took a chance and had faith in me like nobody ever has before. You constantly made me realize that everything I thought was impossible could actually happen in my life. You have taught me this month that no matter what, I have to bring myself to whatever character or role that I play. I've spent so much of my life trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be and never being my most authentic self. It wasn't until I came to this class that I truly felt like the person I am was all I had to be and that I was enough. ... I came in as a dancer and now I've left feeling like a performer and I could not thank you both enough! For the first time in my life, I feel like I could one day be a leading lady! Thank you both so much for teaching me lessons of a lifetime!" - E, Scholarship Recipient 

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We believe theatre is for everyone.

Contributions to the

DNW Scholarship Fund

help us realize our goal of inclusion. In our classes, we challenge each student to be bold,

take risks, encourage their peers,

and as a result step into their own confidence.


A donation to the DNW Scholarship Fund provides the necessary gift of play

Thank you for helping us include talented students who would not otherwise be able to join us in the "class-Zoom."

These scholarships are prioritized for students who identify as BIPOC (Black & Indigenous People of Color). 


DNW holds a strong commitment to racial and social justice issues within the arts community and ensuring diversity on the American Broadway Stage.

Full Core Sponsorship: $490

Partial Core Sponsorship: from $100-$300


Any donation amount can be sent to @doublenamewitches on VENMO with "SCHOLARSHIP" noted in the comment. 


100% of proceeds go towards placing students into our Core Music Theater class or helping Alumni continue study. 


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