Frequently asked questions

How do I audition?

To audition for a Double Name Witches Masterclass, fill out our submission form and upload a short (around a minute) video to Youtube. Please introduce yourself & sing a short cut of the song of your choice. There is a place in the submission form for the link!

Why do I have to audition?

Auditioning for the masterclass allows us to gauge your talent and age range so that we can recommend a class session with a group that will challenge and encourage you. We would like to make the groups as cohesive in age and skill as possible so that you have a better experience and learn as much from the other students as you do from the Witches!

Is there a deadline for audition submissions?

Yes! The audition deadline for the Fall Core session is Labor Day, September 7. This allows time for us to review videos & create ideal class groupings. Classes will begin the third week of September!

What will I need once I'm accepted?

A song of your choice, the sheet music, a piano track, internet, and YOU!


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Song Interpretation:3:30-5:30pm

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